August 29th, 2014Posted by raksha

Death When you put yourself last And play the martyr You do in a way kill yourself Bitterness, acute bitterness The frustration of being taken for granted Not feeling ‘other’s pain Not allowing ‘others’ happiness Throwing your sacrifices on their faces At every available chance And see your loved ones squirm at you Sometimes with [...]

The cycle

August 26th, 2014Posted by raksha

The cycle… In my morning pages I went there… I was 11 and in school I had been punished It came to me vivid and powerful That no matter what I did, how I did I would miss, I would err And sometimes it was simply the teacher’s foul mood I remember a deep sense [...]

Everything, yet nothing.

August 13th, 2014Posted by raksha

Everything yet nothing Smart and suave The right manners Bright and successful And still fashions a flat belly Soft and curious Shows the right interests But cannot hold the answer Or go deep with them No fire, no madness Maybe he did not have the space For it He is trying though… Raksha Bharadia


July 31st, 2014Posted by raksha

Enough The rain and the sky The sound of water dropping off the plants The birds and their calls Waiting to break into a dance The breeze and the earth Lifting each other up And the trees, the giants, bowed down In surrender I too gave in And felt it The rush leaving me… Nothing [...]

Downward and spiral

July 1st, 2014Posted by raksha

Downward and simple… Read about the concept of downward mobility and simplicity, especially in context to marriage. It said, that in marriage, we naturally assume an upward mobility (for the entire family- better home, car, school, stuff, gadgets, toys etc.) and we constantly try to up our lifestyle. This concept of upward mobility is further [...]

Gulab Guide

June 20th, 2013Posted by raksha

Gulab Guide Gulab was our guide for our day trip to Baisaran, in Pehalgam, Kashmir. Does the song ‘Phulon Ke Shehar me hai ghar apna’ ring any bell? The super hit song was shot for the Kumar Gaurav starrer ‘Love Story’ in this beautiful meadow covered by dense pine trees. Though the movie and its [...]


December 16th, 2011Posted by raksha

The bloodied beak A wrong move And they came down Pecking Like vultures… My loved ones? They would pull me up I knew But not before the rebuke, the humiliation The discussion The taking apart The razing to the ground And watching the dust Have a heart, I scream Heart, wisdom and support all at [...]


December 8th, 2011Posted by raksha

Tears I ask… Are my tears worth anything if the person it is shed for does not even know it? If no one I love has seen it If no one who loves me knows of it… Tears, you obstinate tyrant Indifferent to propriety or decorum Uncaring of my image Erasing my pride in your [...]


September 14th, 2011Posted by raksha

…Less Allowing faith to weaken A beep at a time A blink at a time… Know that it is not you Yet check the phone and hear it say so And dip yet again… Today I marvel at the heart’s capacity for hope Today I want to be finite Today I want to know that [...]

For what could have been…

September 7th, 2011Posted by raksha

For what could have been… Finally he called today In an instant my throat welled up Crying was not an option, at least then For he did not care… I knew He knew that I knew We were one at least in this So crying was not an option… Why? The question would not go [...]