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October 31st, 2007Posted by raksha

Prayers I sat in prayer In all earnestness With rosary beads Between my fingers Mantra Om namah shivay On my lips I began chanting My mind took off I deliberated on Sachin’s batting Planned the dinner’s menu Included a dessert After all it was Friday night Kids deserved the treat I heard the domestic staff [...]

Follow your bliss

October 31st, 2007Posted by raksha

Follow your bliss, all else will follow. Joseph Campbell I was vacationing at Diu and went for a long walk on the beach at dawn one day. The lambent ocean shone with a delicate bridal orange, shying away from the gaze of the sky so open and direct. The sun, an orange ball till now [...]

Torch Bearer

October 26th, 2007Posted by raksha

Torch bearer I am Bored Tired Irritated Not up to Making efforts Planning an evening A weekend A vacation Our life Not up to Being fun Attractive Involved I love you still Will you be the torch bearer for now?