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Easy way out…

February 26th, 2008Posted by raksha

Easy way out… She brings out the worst in me I justify Can’t help but be Imprudent, snobbish, berating Pretentious, narrow, mean She provokes my ill-will And forces me to be what I am not Her words sear me And compel me to spit venom too Others know us to be closest still We maintain [...]

For the sunny side up!

February 7th, 2008Posted by raksha

Mood-lifters! Hibiscus which smiled so hard I had to smile back… The bunch of babblers which chirped so loud, it just made my lips whistle a tone… The aroma of atta roasting in ghee finally made me ‘want’ again …I had to taste the hot sukhadi… As the sukhadi melted in my mouth I experienced [...]


February 4th, 2008Posted by raksha

Phase out! Handling Myself When faced with a challenge It could be … A realization A change A deadline A critique An inability A rejection Allow nature to run its course Phase by phase First phase I lament Can’t do it Not good enough Why me? Know that to feel so is my nature Make [...]