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A lesson in sharing!

April 22nd, 2008Posted by raksha

A lesson on sharing! The kids waited with abated breath as I disclosed our agenda for the monthly picnic. “Tell me which state is known for the maximum number of ice-cream outlets?” All fifty of them screamed in unison, “Gujarat”! “And that’s where we will head tomorrow- to the Havmore ice-cream factory! We will see [...]

It has to be for ‘Me’

April 17th, 2008Posted by raksha

It has to be for ‘Me’ Why this nagging need? To be useful Productive Busy To grow Learn Evolve Better My life My family This city The world The universe Am I living for an audience? Do I need their endorsement? That I am worth my breath… And if I do Can I do justice [...]

At Loggerheads

April 16th, 2008Posted by raksha

At loggerheads Give-in to your impulses and enjoy fleeting fullness Or Control your inclinations and secure long-term stability Be passionate and explore extremes Or Act with reason and enjoy the mean Laugh with passion….and incur others’ ridicule (risk appearing a fool) Or Let your lips just enough width not to sound pompous (retain your grace [...]

In the park…

April 1st, 2008Posted by raksha

In the park! Buttercup, tinier than the little nail of my small finger Bloomed with all her might Daring me to ignore her sight I was so wrapped in my plight When she said “Be with me I am here only till daylight!” I promised myself I too would live to the fullest My Life…! [...]