I ask…

Are my tears worth anything if the person it is shed for does not even know it?

If no one I love has seen it

If no one who loves me knows of it…

Tears, you obstinate tyrant

Indifferent to propriety or decorum

Uncaring of my image

Erasing my pride in your torrent


Where do you hide?

Rushing up when I am weak

Spilling my beans

Striking without a moment’s notice?

Stripping my shield

And then into hiding again!


Why should you flow at all…why?

It speaks…

I am your window…

Your mirror…

I am the answer to your questions

I will flow when you care

Even as you insist that you don’t

I will course when you are hurt

Even as you pretend that you are not

I will fill when you are full

And need to let go

And I will not stop at your bidding

You can lie to the whole world

But I will not let you lie to yourself

And in that alone is my worth

Raksha Bharadia

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