Downward and spiral

Downward and simple…

Read about the concept of downward mobility and simplicity, especially in context to marriage. It said, that in marriage, we naturally assume an upward mobility (for the entire family- better home, car, school, stuff, gadgets, toys etc.) and we constantly try to up our lifestyle. This concept of upward mobility is further fed through the media and the people we meet. And we are in the rat race of this upward mobility without even giving it a thought.

This sent me thinking. How we work longer hours, take up double shifts, deny ourselves simple pleasures and luxury of time and space, and the worst – how we never invest in relationships (other than family), forever touching the surface, wanting to substitute the involvement with ‘things’. We show off our status as they do the same.

What exactly are we communicating? About what we are deep down? About how ‘things’ can fill all void? And the other couple sings along too..of their upward mobility.

Then the book spoke of a couple who wanted to buy a Condo in Silicon valley and were horrified that all they could afford was one in suburbs under the flight strip. So they moved 5 hours away to a smaller town and yet it never left them, this frenzy to be upwardly mobile. Now whenever their friends visited or they visited them, the conversation still remanned the same – of a better school (more sought after), that limited edition bag or watch, the car with a unique feature (which they know will never be of any practical use) or the talks of that extra service in the classier hotel. Or about befriending an even higher status’ed group! it created pressure even thought they had moved away from the zone.

That is when the couple decided to go downward and be simple. They moved into a RV (those buses which are like a mobile house) instead which had a great internet set-up that would enable them to work. They said, “We were working our asses off to buy stuff because others were buying it”.

I thought of how this upward mobility never stops! It feeds off the others, it is strengthened in the lifestyle magazines we read, the T.V shows we watch, the Facebook feeds we share… demanding, growing, sucking the life out of us.

Going back to our couple, now they travel and work from beautiful mountains in their RV, have wine and cocktails while watching beautiful sunsets in different corners of their country and also meet nomadic couples like them and share experiences. One entire year they did not even use a strip of paper (speak of leaving minimal crabon footprints)!

But the whole idea of downward mobility and simplicity seemed very attractive to me. And it made me long…

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