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August 29th, 2014Posted by raksha

Death When you put yourself last And play the martyr You do in a way kill yourself Bitterness, acute bitterness The frustration of being taken for granted Not feeling ‘other’s pain Not allowing ‘others’ happiness Throwing your sacrifices on their faces At every available chance And see your loved ones squirm at you Sometimes with [...]

The cycle

August 26th, 2014Posted by raksha

The cycle… In my morning pages I went there… I was 11 and in school I had been punished It came to me vivid and powerful That no matter what I did, how I did I would miss, I would err And sometimes it was simply the teacher’s foul mood I remember a deep sense [...]

Everything, yet nothing.

August 13th, 2014Posted by raksha

Everything yet nothing Smart and suave The right manners Bright and successful And still fashions a flat belly Soft and curious Shows the right interests But cannot hold the answer Or go deep with them No fire, no madness Maybe he did not have the space For it He is trying though… Raksha Bharadia