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The cycle

August 26th, 2014Posted by raksha

The cycle… In my morning pages I went there… I was 11 and in school I had been punished It came to me vivid and powerful That no matter what I did, how I did I would miss, I would err And sometimes it was simply the teacher’s foul mood I remember a deep sense [...]

Everything, yet nothing.

August 13th, 2014Posted by raksha

Everything yet nothing Smart and suave The right manners Bright and successful And still fashions a flat belly Soft and curious Shows the right interests But cannot hold the answer Or go deep with them No fire, no madness Maybe he did not have the space For it He is trying though… Raksha Bharadia

Downward and spiral

July 1st, 2014Posted by raksha

Downward and simple… Read about the concept of downward mobility and simplicity, especially in context to marriage. It said, that in marriage, we naturally assume an upward mobility (for the entire family- better home, car, school, stuff, gadgets, toys etc.) and we constantly try to up our lifestyle. This concept of upward mobility is further [...]


July 5th, 2011Posted by raksha

Gods! Ushakant is a cancer survivor. He had Leukemia, the most notorious and difficult of all cancers. Doctors gave him ‘a few months at the most’ when they first found out about the hostile cells in his body. I met him at the TEDX last Saturday. It had been eight years since the foretold ‘few [...]


June 22nd, 2011Posted by raksha

De-clutter As I walked into the corporate house of Thermax for a meeting with it’s ex director Anu Aga, what struck me at once was this out of line feel of space and calm. Offices are known to be high activity zones, Thermax, one of the leading company, should have been a madhouse buzzing with [...]

Passing Time…

February 10th, 2011Posted by raksha

Passing time Relationships-the only chance we have at life To understand purpose, find meaning Live from our depths Be full Or so I had heard, even experienced What are ‘things’, ‘I’, ‘ideas’ When ‘you’ and ‘me’ can create a thousand ‘us’ everyday To unravel, enjoy, take pleasure in And so we meet Un-layer ourselves’… To [...]

Lovely about love

January 12th, 2011Posted by raksha

Lovely about love… What is lovely about love is not that you are loved and desired and wanted, but that you can love and desire and want…. Life starts when I can say… I want… I desire… I love… Raksha Bharadia  

All and Nothing A novel on relationships in urban India

December 27th, 2010Posted by raksha

All and Nothing-Synopsis Tina, a talented artist, is desperately in love with the successful careerist Aditya. But he cannot let go of his past… their marriage sours and Tina teeters on the edge. Through her we meet the others. Kriya is a fashion designer, chic and successful with a sordid secret. Poorvi is a rich [...]

Only if…

April 12th, 2010Posted by raksha

Only if… The little girl, not more than a year and a half racing on her two tiny wobbly feet through the green that stretched far and wide, she knew no restrain. I felt so free just watching her dash. To run for nothing but the joy of it, to know the breeze cut across [...]


March 31st, 2010Posted by raksha

Answers Was down in the dumps again With no source to blame it on, as usual My long face, pulled longer Under the weighty words ‘illogical’, ‘irrational’ I could read them not just in others ‘raised brows’ But also in the eyes that looked back in the mirror Questions, anxiety, hopelessness And no answers to [...]